Children's wash troughs XXL

Special applications require special solutions ...

This is also the case in Hesperange, a pleasant small town in Luxembourg that borders directly on the country's capital.

The newly built school complex also includes a day-care centre, the Maison Relais "Heesprénger" (in English: grasshopper).

The municipality of Hesperange, the contractor of the project, had clear ideas about the washing areas: they were to be individual, child-friendly, with space for several children.

The tender was for wave-shaped installations, which naturally reflect the theme of water in the best possible way. Another advantage of this shape is obvious: soft curves without sharp edges minimise the risk of injury and age-appropriate access heights improve accessibility.


Project participants: 
Project:     Maison Relais „Heesprénger“ 
Contractor:Municipality of Hesperange, L-5886 Hesperange – 
Planner:Syntec SARL, L-6190 Gonderange – 
Architect:Assar Universum Architects, L-1466 Luxembourg – 
Installer:       Soclair Equipments SA, L-1852 Luxembourg – 
Fabricator:A. Sprenger GmbH, Frankfurt – 
Photos:© Jörg Thierer