PANNELS / SHEETS 8, 12, 19 mm


For each application the right thickness


  weiß2504 x 800 x
thickness in mm
3758 x 640 x
thickness in mm
3758 x 800 x
thickness in mm
3758 x 1000 x
thickness in mm


True White / 03 Whitezxo  o  xo x 
Arktis / 05 Whitezxo  o  xo x 
White Alpine / 10 Whitezxo  o  xo x 

Grey / 20 Gray

zzxo  o  xo x 
30 Grayzzzxo  o  xo x 
Platin / 40 Grayzzzxo  o  xo x 
50 Grayzzzxo  o  xo x 
60 Grayzzzxo  o  xo x 
70 Grayzzzxo  o  xo x 
Anthracite / 80 Grayzzzxo  o  xo x 
Black Intense / 90 Blackzzxo  o  xo x 
Off Whitezxo  o  xo x 
Icezxo  o  xo x 
Pergamonzxo  o  xo x 
Camelzzzxo  o  xo x 
Greige Taupezzxo  o  xo x 
Ägäiszxo  o  xo x 
Applezzzxo  o  xo x 
Bluezzzxo  o  xo x 
Redzzzxo  o  xo x 
Orangezzzxo  o  xo x 
Harmony Rosezzxo  o  xo x 
Harmony Bluezzxo  o  xo x 
Harmony Greenzzxo  o  xo x 
Harmony Yellowzzxo  o  xo x 
Harmony Curcumazzxo  o  xo x 
Harmony Auburnzzxo  o  xo x 
Harmony Brownzzxo  o  xo x 
Alaskazxo  o  xo x 
Polariszxo  o  xo x 
Reefzzxo  o  xo x 
Evolutionzxo  o  xo x 
Titanzzxo  o  xo x 
Duocolor Whitezxo  o  xo x 
Terrazzo Grayzzxo  o  xo x 
Grey Stonezzxo  o  xo x 
Cliffzzzxo  o  xo x 
Basalt Greyzzxo  o  xo x 
Lavazzxo  o  xo x 
Duocolor Blackzxo  o  xo x 
Galaxyzzzxo  o  xo x 
Black Starzzzxo  o  xo x 
Vulcanozzzxo  o  xo x 
Black Lavazzzxo  o  xo x 
Black Rockzzxo  o  xo x 
Aquazxo  o  xo x 
Marezzzxo  o  xo x 
Aquarell Whitezxo  o  xo x 
Aquarell Carrarazxo  o  xo x 
Aquarell Sandzxo  o  xo x 
Aquarell Cremozxo  o  xo x 
Aquarell Darkzzzxo  o  xo x 
Concretezxo  o  xo x 

x on stock
o limited availability

Traces of use
z         Barely visible traces of use
zz      Slightly visible traces of use
zzz   Visible traces of use

=> Click on the current colour overview for an enlarged view. 
     On this page, you can also use the unique colour configurator to design your own personal desired colour.

=> In addition to the dimensions and thicknesses listed, we also manufacture special dimensions and thicknesses for
     specific projects, which you can request from us if required.  

=> The panel colours are also available as moulded parts (with the exception of the Aquarell decors, Basalt Grey, Concrete and Galaxy).

    Please note:

    • All VARICOR® colours feature a very high-quality, semi-gloss finish.
    • Due to the production process, there may be random, natural variations in the structure of marbled colours.
    • The colours marked with zzz were specially developed for decorative use, i.e. they are not designed for high use areas. These decorative colours show signs of use (esp. scratches) more easily. If they are nevertheless employed in high use areas (e.g. kitchen or bar surfaces), any resulting signs of wear and tear are not due to a material defect.
    • In addition to transparent granules, the colour titan contains irregular white granules that cannot always be seen in the samples presented in the colour card. They are, however, part of the decorative colour and do not represent a product defect.
    • Colour and texture differences may occur between the undermount basins and the panels as a result of the different production methods used for them.
    • Please note that variations in colour may be more apparent when panels are combined with built-in sinks of the same decor. We therefore recommend to glue the basin underneath a VARICOR® panel, preferably by means of rebate milling.
    • Colour and texture may vary between production batches as a result of the high amount of natural products used.
    • VARICOR® 8 mm should be used for vertical applications only..