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VARICOR® is processed with the carbide-tipped tools used in conventional wood processing. Despite its resistance, VARICOR®
is easy to saw, mill, drill and grind. 

To produce two dimensional designs, VARICOR® can be thermoformed and glued seamlessly and virutally invisibly. 

Beside personnalised decors and logos can be seamlessly realised
using our VARICOR® Colorline system for a lasting effect.

The gloss level of the surfaces can be customized using abrasive agents of different grit sizes. 

Any eventual damage can be repaired inconspicuously with the VARICOR® repair set without impairing its functioning. 

Detailed information on the technological properties, chemical resistance, and processing of VARICOR® can be downloaded from our website or requested by e-mail, fax or telephone.

Download processing guidelines for 8, 12, 19 mm