Antibacterial / antiviral properties


Due to its wide range of applications, VARICOR® has always been highly concerned with the issue of hygiene. It also reacted immediately to the new type of Corona virus.

The in-house R&D department has been researching new formulations in order to contribute to the containment of the pandemic today and in the future. With success!

VARICOR® sheets and shapes are optionally available in a special formulation "ABV" = antibacterial & antiviral", and this in all decors.

An independent institute has proven in various tests with the human coronavirus based on ISO 21702:2019 that the VARICOR® special formulation has an antiviral effectiveness of more than 96 % after 120 minutes. This means that more than 96 % of the viruses are killed within 120 minutes!

This effectiveness is, of course, permanent, because the active ingredient is contained throughout the material, so it does not degrade even after the surface has been reworked!

It is reassuring to have VARICOR®, a material with these proven properties, at hand!

These are certainly interesting for all areas of application, i.e. not only for the laboratory and medical sector, but also for areas such as reception counters or office tables or other desks, i.e. highly frequented places where viruses can spread very quickly.

Some time ago, VARICOR® was also certified as having good antibacterial efficacy in accordance with ISO 22196.

VARICOR® therefore offers the highest standards for all areas of application where special demands are made on hygiene.