Solid Creativity is our business.

VARICOR GmbH is the leader in tailor-made solutions for impermeable, moulded worktops and units. For over 30 years we have been working in this field to give shape to almost every design project. Our trademark: successfully combining creativity with an uncompromising standard of quality and the close customer relations assured by an owner-managed, medium-sized company.

  • Production Production
    At VARICOR® everything comes from the same source, right from the testing and development of designs, through to the production of models and tools, the manufacture of plates and molded parts, and the final quality control of our products. Our entire factory, located in the French town of Wisches, is DIN EN 9001 certified.
  • History History
    VARICOR® was founded in France in 1985 and the material was launched on the market in 1986. As a subsidiary, the company came under the umbrella of several large groups, until its linear evolution lead to the creation of the independent company VARICOR GmbH in 2011.
  • Distribution Distribution
    Market presence and flexibility are of paramount importance to us: our distribution network, which has been developing for over 30 years, guarantees customers all around the world a smooth and competent service. This is not least ensured by our customer-oriented, medium-sized company structure.