Sustainability - how VARICOR® protects the environment

Responsible use of our natural resources has never been more important. Many global problems of climate change and environmental pollution can be solved at the material level - an approach that VARICOR® is fully committed to.

What does VARICOR mean by sustainability?

  • Our material is produced with a high vertical range of manufacture in Alsace, i.e. in the heart of Europe
  • The production site also stands for short distances to the customer
  • Adhesives and granulates are equally produced in-house from our own raw materials
  • The raw materials also come from Europe.
  • VARICOR® even offers ECO panels. For these, a proportion of up to 30% is recycled from production and processing surpluses, as the VARICOR plant operates its own mill for grinding the granulates, i.e. we can recycle at our own site. Again, there are no additional transports to suppliers.

By the way: The granulate structure made of recycled material, which we process in the ECO panels, can be provided with any decor from the VARICOR® standard range, but also with colours, e.g. from RAL® or NCS®!

VARICOR® as a durable and repairable material

One of the central requirements for sustainable materials is a long product life. Products and furnishings made of VARICOR® are particularly durable thanks to their extremely high mechanical and chemical resistance.

VARICOR® is used to make not only indestructible but also timeless products that can be used for decades.

Even if the individual products are used very intensively and daily, they are extremely robust and wear-resistant.

The non-porous, homogeneous and fully coloured material can be cleaned and reworked without much effort. Everyday traces of use or small scratches, for example, can be removed with standard household products, which preserves the beautiful surface.

In addition, the material can be repaired, as we offer a repair kit for repairing minor damage - and that for all colours and decors! And for larger damages, the affected area can simply be cut out and replaced. All this saves cost-intensive replacements!

Minimum waste meets maximum recyclability

At VARICOR we intensively work on optimising our production processes. In this way, we succeed in reducing energy consumption and minimising rejects and waste in production. Optimum environmental compatibility is ensured not least by the recyclability of the material.

Convince yourself now of the sustainable materials from VARICOR®.

If you are interested in the sustainable solutions from VARICOR® or have any questions about our commitment to sustainability, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We look forward to your enquiry.