Hotel Vienna House MQ Kronberg im Taunus, Germany

In the idyllic town of Kronberg im Taunus, at the gates of the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, the Hotel Vienna House MQ Kronberg im Taunus was opened.

It is a cosy and at the same time stylish house with an open Heurigen restaurant where you can enjoy Austrian guest culture.

The hotel's 96 rooms spread a very special atmosphere of well-being through the materials used, such as wood, leather and velvet.

In the modernly designed bathrooms, VARICOR® washtops were found as a washbasin solution that could be individually adapted to the room conditions.

Project participants: 

Vienna House MQ Kronberg im Taunus –

Contracor:Contracto GmbH, 61440 Oberursel – 
Prefabricated bathroom manufacturer:

TAIROS Fertigbad GmbH, 29410 Salzwedel –


Markmann & Sabban Objekteinrichtung GmbH & Co. KG, 22113 Hamburg –



Exterior photo: © Contracto GmbH
Interior photos: © VARICOR GmbH