• Cast basins wall-mounted or as lay-on washbasin
  • Material thickness: 12 mm
  • The washstand modules comply with the specifications of the CE marking in accordance with DIN EN 14688
  • Carré Wall, Circus 90 and Circus 120T have a back rim for hanger bolt fastening
  • Carré Wall only for wall outlet
  • Tap holes are optional, according to specifications


  • Permanent drain with VARICOR® cover
  • Push-open with VARICOR® cover
  • Carré: 407-mm angle bracket, additional 180-mm wall-mounting bracket (for Carré 1200 only)
  • Nizza: 310-mm angle bracket, for alcove installation additional 180-mm wall-mounting bracket
  • New York: 480-mm angle bracket, for alcove installation additional 480-mm wall-mounting bracket


  • Standard drain according to DIN EN 31 for drain valves with 1 ¼" (Circus 90: 1 ½")


1/ Overflow possible (with external overflow)
2/ Overflow not possible
3/ with/without integrated overflow possible

All dimensions and shapes are subject to the material-specific tolerances according to DIN ISO 2768-1-2-cL.