Reception area
Soft transitions provide a deep effect at the reception desk
Seamless design of washing area and winding unit
Often the first point of contact for visitors appears bright and friendly
Often the first point of contact for visitors appears bright and friendly
VARICOR® washbasins at the Dresden Clinic

March 2018

VARICOR® can be used as a versatile material in a wide range of applications. Whether kindergarten, state opera or hospitals. A high degree of flexibility in production gives the imagination no limits. VARICOR® sets a high standard of hygiene due to the easy maintenance of the equipment. This makes the material particularly suitable for rooms that are intensively used by a mass of people and therefore have to be cleaned regularly.

Hospitals and medical practices are obliged to ensure a particularly high standard of hygiene. This is illustrated not least by discussions in politics and the media about germs and bacteria in hospitals. A catalogue of measures is to stop the spread of dangerous pathogens. This includes not only natural hand movements, but also the constant disinfection of the hands as well as increasing and training of the cleaning staff.

Surfaces require a different cleaning process depending on the material and composition. Joints and cracked material can quickly harbor germs and bacteria. VARICOR® with its antibacterial effect and jointless devices offers essential material properties for medical facilities. This is one of the reasons why some clinics, laboratories and medical practices have already opted for VARICOR® in the redesign of their rooms:

1) "Belle Époque" in the neonatal ward

The style of a Grand Hotel of the 1900s served as an inspiration for the redesign of the elective rooms in the neonatal ward and the reception area in the Hôpital Kirchberg and the Dr. Bohler Clinic. It was decided to use VARICOR® mineral material for the design of the rooms.

The reception area and the reception itself were equipped with a wall covering according to the design concept. The new fittings in the hospital rooms as well as the complete bathroom fittings were made to measure. The seamless design of the wash place and changing unit in the patients' rooms meets the requirements for a high standard of hygiene and uncomplicated cleaning.

2) XXL- Counter Unit

Big, bigger, the bar at the entrance of the Landshut hospital. The information desk is an important contact point for visitors to the hospital. The XXL counter system was manufactured with VARICOR® in a sophisticated drop format and is now almost impossible to overlook. It was initially delivered in several parts and welded seamlessly on site.

3) Hygiene first: the doctor's wash basin

On behalf of the specialist for pharmacy and hospital equipment, Ernst Rockhausen Söhne KG, we have manufactured wash basins for doctors as special fittings for the Dresden Clinic. VARICOR® is particularly suitable as a mineral material for medical facilities, such as the hospital in Dresden, because it is easy to clean by means of jointless devices and is also resistant to disinfectants.

VARICOR® offers many advantages in terms of material properties for medical facilities with high hygiene standards. But also in the cultural and leisure sector we were able to convince with versatile and complex VARICOR® devices. Read more in our blog article VARICOR® amidst culture.