June 2018

We have been working closely and successfully with the processors of our solid surface material for many years. The results are many, very different products and projects. From washrooms in hospitals and washbasins at airports to counters in opera houses. It is time to ask our processors and business partners what they value about VARICOR®. In the first part of our interview series, we're talking to our long-standing top processor, Schüschke GmbH & Co. KG:

What is particularly important to you in production process with materials such as VARICOR®?

In general, timely delivery of the items is very important so that the promised delivery times to our customers are met. In addition, the drawing specifications of the respective products must be kept exactly during production, so that there are later no surprises and everything fits. Ultimately, not only the material itself must be of high quality, but also the processing. A smooth combination with other materials, such as wood, glass or stone, proves to be an important aspect of the production process.


Why do you like working with the material VARICOR®?

With VARICOR® an individual as well as flexible processing is possible. The creative design possibilities are manifold, which makes architects and designers happy. The material offers a huge selection of colour and shape combinations. This means that no wash place solution is the same as the others and every product is manufactured by hand. It is difficult to describe, but VARICOR® has a very comfortable haptic - even during processing.  


What is the bathroom of the future like?

Here one must differentiate between private and commercial, respectively public.
The private bathroom becomes much more of a wellness oasis and no longer serves only the purpose of washing. One already thinks of the old age earlier and would like to arrange this area age-appropriate.

In the commercial and public sector, even more attention will be paid to design in the future. After all, it is a company's secret business card.
White is the colour par excellence. It is neutral and can still be seen years later. In addition, it´s more appropriate to work with colourful accessories that are easily interchangeable.


Is there the ideal sink shape?

Rather not. We prefer the angular shapes, but in the end this is purely a matter of taste.


How do you feel about working with the office staff?

Very pleasant. The employees are always ready to listen and are happy to help.


Thank you very much for the interview, Schüschke GmbH & Co. KG