January 2018

Welcome to our blog. We at VARICOR  are one of the leading specialists for casted custom-fit solutions in wet areas as well as for various other applications. VARICOR® is a solid surface material that has been giving form to almost every design idea for more than 30 years. Our trademark is as follows: We combine creativity with no-compromise quality demands and customer proximity of an independent medium-sized company.

With our solid surface material everything is possible. VARICOR® is a homogeneous and fully colored mineral material. VARICOR® stands for its pore-free, extremely tough and easy-care material characteristics, that can be produced in nearly every desired color and shape.

High impermeability and homogeneity, no pores and the gapless connections provide for easy cleaning and hygiene. Possible damages can be removed almost invisibly to the greatest possible extent, which qualifies VARICOR® especially for usage in highly frequented and strained areas. The fields of application are limitless, whether it is a serial product or a one-off production. In cooperation with a large variety of competent distribution partners VARICOR® creates solutions for the most diverse businesses -  all around the world.

During production VARICOR® material is liquid. It can thus be molded into almost any form and processed after curing. Even three-dimensional forms can be easily facilitated. The material can be handled with common tools used for woodwork (sawing, milling, drilling, grinding). It may then be joined almost invisibly und seamlessly with the in-house developed and color coordinated adhesive. VARICOR® can be combined with other material such as wood, non-ferrous metals, glass or Perspex at any time.

VARICOR offers everything from one source. From our proof and development laboratory, to modelling, tool making and manufacturing of plates and moulded parts up to quality assurance. High expertise in casting technique developed over decades plus a fully certified quality management guarantees maximum product and material quality from VARICOR®.

For good reason, therefore, the factory in Alsace/France is certified with the strict requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001. Oder 30 years of experience and continuous enhancement  form the perfect quality of the material.

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