VARICOR® is that clean

April 2018

Spring is a great time to get active again. We go outside, take care of the garden, the balcony, and decorate our own four walls. No wonder that many people do “spring cleaning” and thoroughly clean the whole house from top to bottom. The cleaning of VARICOR® surfaces succeeds with ease.

The bathroom and kitchen require regular and intensive cleaning all year round. These rooms are often used, which is why bacteria quickly and easily accumulate here. Moisture and impurities are the ideal breeding ground for germs. The maintenance of VARICOR® applications is particularly easy compared to tiles with joints or wood materials. Consisting of the natural mineral filler aluminum hydroxide and bonded synthetic resins, VARICOR® can be processed seamlessly.

Cleaning and care of VARICOR®

With sanitary installations and washbasins made of VARICOR®, spring cleaning will be done smoothly. Due to the high density of the material and its resistance to water and wear, our material sets high hygiene standards. The jointless surfaces can be cleaned very easily. Germs and bacteria are removed with a household soap solution. Mild cleaners are sufficient for daily care. After cleaning, it is recommended to rinse the surface with clear water.

If VARICOR® worktops are a little dirtier, we recommend a cleaner like Cif. Stubborn residues are simply removed with a Scotch-Brite sponge.

Where hygiene is essential

VARICOR® shows its strengths especially in the demanding medical sector. In clinics and laboratories, high hygiene standards must be met in order to keep the premises sterile and avoid infections. Due to its resistance to disinfectants, VARICOR® is ideally suited e.g. for medical washbasins or laboratory basins. The robust solid surface material can easily withstand daily exposure to disinfectants. An additional antibacterial effect makes VARICOR® the ideal material for applications in the medical sector.
A real feel-good factor is the uncomplicated maintenance of public sanitary facilities, for example in opera houses, exhibition halls, stadiums or airports. These highly frequented locations also benefit from robust and easy-to-clean washrooms. The multi-talented VARICOR® easily meets these requirements.

Further tips for the care of VARICOR® surfaces can be found here