Health & Welfare

Hygiene is an uncompromising field, and is paramount in any domain where health is at stake. But there is good news: laboratories, doctors' surgeries, and clinics can achieve this without looking sterile or merely functional. After all, a pleasant atmosphere also has a healing effect. VARICOR® combines the best in hygiene and functionality, offering both attractiveness and safety. Our elegant VARICOR® washbasins have been especially designed for the laboratory and medical sectors, where they have proven highly successful for many years. One reason for this success is that they can be seamlessly built into VARICOR® worktops, making cleaning easier and eliminating the risk of bacteria. The warm, hygienic surface  of VARICOR® also makes it ideal for facilities that come into direct contact with the skin, such as in baby care. Even in this delicate field, VARICOR® can always be relied upon.